Your missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants or bridges or removable dentures.

As an authority in the field of prosthetic dentistry, I can tell you that each replacement option has its own certain advantages and disadvantages. Depending upon the condition of your teeth, your general health and your budget, any one of the many options might be right for you. This blog is written with the aim of bringing about a comparison of all the treatment options, so that you may gain a better understanding before deciding regarding your dental treatment.
To know basics of Dental Implant you can read my previous blogĀ Meet Your Third Set of Teeth: The Dental Implants


  • Dental implant preserves condition of your jaw bone in the area of missing teeth forever, by giving it good stimulation.
  • Dental implant almost NEVER requires replacement once it is integrated in the jaw bone. It is the designed to be a permanent solution to replacing missing teeth compared with an average life span of 10 years of a fixed bridge.
  • Dental implant does not require disturbing adjacent healthy teeth on each side of the gap by grinding them.
  • Almost any number of missing teeth can be replaced by the use of dental implants. Even the most complicated cases can be predictably replaced by using implants where a conventional bridge may not be possible.


  • An implant supported complete denture will NEVER slip or be loose fitting in the mouth.
  • A denture supported by implants is much more comfortable in wearing to the patient, offering a very firm grip of the dentures in the mouth.
  • Chewing is easier and better with dentures when they are supported by dental implants. Hence you can eat any food with these dentures compared to some restrictions in eating tough foods with simple conventional dentures.


  • Placing an implant requires surgery.
  • Initial healing time of 3-6 months may be required in most cases. A permanent tooth/teeth can be fixed over the implant only after this healing period.
  • In very few rare cases implants may not integrate in your jaw bone. In such cases, it can be easily removed and replaced with a new implant, or an alternate treatment option might be considered for you.
  • Initial cost of getting implants placed may be higher than bridges or dentures.

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