Of all the dental treatments available today, scaling of the teeth is simultaneously the most innocuous and infamous – at least for the first timers. This simple procedure of tooth cleaning where plaque and calculus deposits are removed from your teeth gives your teeth life and your smile a shine! Many people however have certain misconceptions about getting this treatment, and I always explain to them in detail about where their questions arise from and why they do not need to worry. This prompted me to write it up in the form of this blog.

MYTH NO 1: Scaling causes shaking of teeth.
FACT: Years of deposition of tartar on your teeth has pushed your gums away from the teeth, already weakening the firm grip of the gums over your teeth. Here, in such cases, the tartar then becomes the substance holding your tooth in place. However, since this tartar deposit is full of microbial toxins, and also offers a good area to other bacteria to stick to your gums; it is mandatory to have it removed by scaling.

May be the deposits are removed too late, at a stage when most of the bone is lost & teeth are temporarily cemented together with hard calculus, tooth may move after scaling. Hence scaling does not make teeth loose, they have already become loose due to calculus. Only the removal of patch of calculus has set in the mobility. When these harmful stubborn deposits are removed, it gives a chance for the gums to heal and adapt properly to the teeth.

In fact after the gum heals a couple of weeks later - the teeth may actually feel firmer.

MYTH NO 2: Gaps are increased then before.
FACT: Spaces between teeth can't open as a result of scaling or cleaning of teeth.  However, what may have happened is that tarter between teeth often accumulates over time and becomes almost a part of the tooth and it pushes the gum between the teeth up.  Once this tarter is scaled off it often appears like a black triangle opened between the teeth.  This is not a direct result of anything wrong with the cleaning but rather the shrinking of gum tissue due to gum disease.

MYTH NO 3: Teeth become sensitive.
FACT: As the tartar is removed, the concealed part of the teeth is exposed to the oral environment thereby causing mild to moderate sensitivity to the teeth, which is transient. The sensitivity vanishes in a day or two and most of the patients do not even experience this sensitivity.

Regular professional scaling every six months is necessary for everyone. T his also offers you an advantage of a complete oral health check from time to time, so  you can nip any dental problem in the bud.

“Value your smile. It is worth more than most other possessions.”

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