How you should take special care for your teeth and gums

When you have diabetes, long term maintenance of oral health becomes a priority for both you and your dentist. If your dentist is kept informed about your regular glucose control and any type of medication you are on, she is better able to care for your special needs as a patient.

Your dentist may postpone any non-emergency dental procedures if your blood sugar is not in good control.

When in need of any elective dental treatment; she may prefer giving you an EARLY MORNING APPOINTMENT; as blood glucose levels tend to be more stable in the morning. Stress reduction techniques, such as use of headphones, and SHORT APPOINTMENTS may help keep blood glucose levels from rising.

If you use a blood glucose monitoring machine, consider bringing it along with you for your dental treatment. If your blood sugar value remains less than 70 mg/dL, your dentist will advise you to consume a meal or snack to prevent occurrence of ‘hypoglycemia’ before proceeding with your dental treatment.

In case of a long procedure, she may take an extra reading to make sure your blood sugar levels remain steady. Readings at the end of appointments are important to make sure that you are safe to leave the clinic, especially if you will be driving.

Your regular follow up appointments may be scheduled more frequently as compared to routine patients; almost every 2-3 months for better preventive care and maintenance of oral health effectively.

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