Please follow the following instructions as advised by your dentist after you have received your dentures:

  • While wearing dentures, it is advisable to wear upper denture first, while removing dentures please remove lower denture first.
  • It is advisable to wear dentures whole time during the day, simultaneously it is advisable to remove them during night time and place them in a container filled with water.
  • In the morning clean the dentures well before wearing them; you may use a normal toothbrush and toothpaste for cleaning. While cleaning take care that the dentures should not fall to the ground, as they may break into pieces.
  • When you wear new dentures for the first time, you may experience an increase in salivation secretion due to the dentures. This is a normal bodily mechanism and the same will become normal within a few days.
  • You will have to practice speaking with your new dentures, try speaking loudly by reading your book/newspaper, etc. you may notice a slight change in your speech initially, which also will get adjusted as you use the dentures.
  • Do not eat for initial one week when you receive your dentures. It is advised to let the new dentures get adjusted in your mouth before using them foe chewing food. Even after you start eating with new dentures, try to eat on both sides of the denture.
  • If the denture in pinching/ hurting you in anywhere in the mouth, please see your dentist to get them adjusted.
  • In case your denture breaks at any point of time, please see your dentist immediately as she can repair it. Never try to repair/adjust dentures on your own.
  • The front teeth in your denture are not very capable of piercing food as your natural teeth. So avoid biting on any food directly with front teeth, their primary function is in speech and appearance.
  • Do not open mouth very wide while you wear dentures. Drink any liquid directly by sipping form a glass or by using a straw.

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