After receiving a root canal, many of our patients inquire if placing a crown (cap) on the tooth is truly necessary.  In our opinion the answer is yes.


Whenever any decay or disease enters into the “nerve” or the central soft portion of the tooth, a root canal becomes necessary.

During the root canal, the dentist will remove all the bad, infected portion of the nerve, clean the resulting empty space thoroughly and then place a “new artificial nerve” into the tooth. This is known as root canal treatment which saves the tooth.

Crowns or caps are often fitted after the root canal treatments as a finishing touch and final sealing of the treated tooth.

Here are top 5 reasons why a cap is placed over the root canal treated tooth:

1.     Avoid fractureThe cap will function to provide support to the tooth which has been weakened by infection. It has been proved that if a cap is not fitted after root canal treatment; the tooth becomes prone to fracture and generally gets broken within 3 years. This could mean re-treatment in the future, additional costs and even the loss of the tooth.  99% of the time, crown placement is truly the final step of root canal treatment.

2.     Prevent re infection and protect the teethThe cap seals the treated tooth to protect it from further bacterial attack. It also provides protection from physical damage like injury from impact or abrasion

3.     Restore appearance: Caps can be made with same appearance, colour and shape, as original teeth restoring its natural appearance. These caps are made of porcelain material and are stain resistant, thus ensuring that utmost comfort is given to patients after the treatment.

4.     Restore function: Cap protects the filling placed within the tooth and helps keep it in place and secure for years. It also restores the chewing surface and pattern of the tooth.



It is important to maintain the results of a successful dental procedure like root canal to avoid further damage to teeth. Capping after a root canal procedure not only helps the treated tooth to regain its strength but also helps to save surrounding teeth from getting damaged.

At Anant Dental Clinic and Orthodontic Center  we provide the best possible experience for getting root canal and a wide variety of options for teeth caps as well as other dental services.



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